How about the potential of photovoltaic scaffolding

China's construction of hot-rolled photovoltaic supports, currently mainly used ordinary carbon steel grade A steel, its photovoltaic support features smelting is easy, low cost, moderate strength, plasticity and weldability, suitable for construction projects. The low-alloy steel hot-rolled photovoltaic supports are mostly hot-rolled reinforced bars and photovoltaic supports rolled with 16Mn, and the profiled-section photovoltaic supports are used less. Compared with ordinary I-beam, H-shaped steel has the advantages of large section modulus, light weight, steel saving, and easy combination and connection with other components. In China, hot-rolled steel has become one of the most widely used materials in various basic constructions. Various types of hot-rolled steel are used in machinery, chemical, shipbuilding, mining, petroleum and railway sectors. In construction engineering, hot-rolled steel is mainly used for industrial and civil houses, load-bearing skeletons of bridges, tower structures, high-voltage power line supports, etc.



The weak demand in the production materials market has left many industries, such as steel, nonferrous metals and manufacturing, in a difficult business situation. Although the price of photovoltaic stents has been rising in the early stage, the market has not been very prosperous, and the risk of the photovoltaic bracket steel market has always existed. The difficult market situation has determined that PV bracket manufacturers should take corresponding measures to deal with economic trends, and strive to resolve market risks and enhance market control capabilities. Of course, the development potential of the photovoltaic stent market is still quite huge.

Photovoltaic stent products fell more and less, while rising products were also between 1% and -2%, and the largest decline in stainless steel fell by -11.81%. The traditional off-season of the photovoltaic support industry has arrived, the demand of the downstream industry is sluggish and the overcapacity of the photovoltaic support industry. Due to the deep recession of the international economy, the downward pressure on the domestic economy is too large, and the downturn of the real economy has not shown signs of stability and reversal. At the same time, the local purchase restriction policy made the total demand of the real estate industry weak. If there is no major change in the economic environment in the second half of the year, the domestic stainless steel industry will continue to languish. Although the central bank's interest rate cuts have affected the steel market some time ago, the various contradictions in the stainless steel market still dominate the market turmoil. In the complicated and severe domestic and international economic environment, the price of photovoltaic stent products fell more and more, and the number of stainless steel plates with the largest decline in cold-formed photovoltaic stents in many photovoltaic stent products fell by -11.81%. An important reason for the downturn in the steel market is the sluggish demand, and the downstream industries such as real estate, shipbuilding, automobiles and machinery processing are not in a strong demand.



Contrary to the delay in demand, the output of crude steel has not increased. The crude steel output in the first half of the year was nearly 700 million tons, showing an upward trend, and the iron ore port inventory once again exceeded 96 million tons. The contradiction between supply and demand made the steel market Poor operation. The rise and fall of the real estate industry affects the demand situation of the stainless steel market. From the current real estate situation to the stainless steel market, the road to future exploration is still very difficult. At present, the frequent rejection of the real estate industry has led to a continuous decline in the market demand for the domestic stainless steel industry. China's economic operation is stable and good, which has led to a certain development of the photovoltaic support market, and the price has also rebounded significantly compared with the previous. Strictly speaking, China's PV stent market is still in a sub-health state, and the development trend has been very stable. Coupled with the government's macro-control, it can be said that the potential demand and development potential of PV bracket digging is still very large.


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