What are the characteristics of light solar brackets?

Solar brackets are a must-have product that uses solar energy now. Whether it is a solar power station or solar energy for home use, solar mounts are inseparable. The type and structure of the solar brackets are different. Because of the different regions, the solar brackets must be adjusted according to different regions to make full use of solar energy. Below, introduce the characteristics of the light solar bracket.

Features of the lightweight solar bracket:

1. Solar support Lightweight structural steel mainly refers to round steel, small angle steel and thin-walled steel.

2, solar support thin-walled steel purlin members, solar brackets generally use thin wall steel with a wall thickness of 1.5-5mm, after cold bending or cold rolling to produce thin-walled steel products of various cross-section forms and sizes.



3. Compared with hot-rolled steel, the solar radome can increase the radius of gyration of the thin-walled steel by 50-60% and the section moment of inertia and resistance moment by 0.5-3 times compared with the hot-rolled section. Reasonable use of the strength of the material, but because the processing of solar-supported thin-walled steel is mostly in the factory, high-precision drilling is required to match the screw holes behind the photovoltaic panel.

4. After the diamond bracket factory processes the drill buckle, it can be hot-dip galvanized and rust-proof; when it is transported to the site for installation, the construction of the solar bracket is difficult because the steel section has a small cross section and the tool is difficult to operate. At present, most of the solar stent panels in China cannot be directly connected to thin-walled steel, and all other auxiliary fixing structures (such as briquetting) are required.

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